Server Requirements

To be able to operate Pagestead on your own server, the server will need to meet the following requirements: LAMP Stack server: Linux/Unix + Apache + MySQL + PHP The Apache web server will need to have the module “mod_rewrite” and “mod_headers” enabled Disabling of the mod_security module is advised […]

Common Issues

Not Found issue Basically this is happening when mod_rewrite is not enabled, or .htaccess file is not in the root with our bundled content or the apache configuration is not properly configured to handle the rewrite. Here is the reference for configure proper web server with mod_rewrite. For CentOS 6 […]

Pagestead License

Software, Source Code and Re-Seller License Agreement for Pagestead This Document outlines the standard contractual terms and conditions (the ” Agreement “) that applies to the provision of a license by Pagestead OÜ, an Estonian company, address: Sepapaja 6, Tallinn 15551, Estonia (the ” Company “), for use and resale […]

Terms and Definitions

Blocks Block are sections which are used to compose web pages. Blocks can be headers, hero sections, footers, contact sections, feature sections, etc. Blocks are found in the left sidebar under “Blocks”. When on the canvas, the order of the blocks can be altered by dragging and dropping them in […]