Block Development Adding Blocks to Pagestead

The contents of this article may be outdated and no longer applicable to the newest version of Pagestead (version 1.1.0). We’ll keep this article around for a while for those who are using older versions of Pagestead, however the article will be deleted in the near future. For more up to date information on block management, please review the Managing Blocks & Components section.

In this next and final step; you’ll need to add your blocks to Pagestead.

Log into Pagestead as an admin user and navigate to the “Builder Elements > Blocks” section. This admin panel is used to manage all of the blocks inside Pagestead. To add a new block, click the green button labeled “Add new block”.

This will bring up a modal window where you’ll need to choose a category for the new block and choose a template file. The template files are loaded automatically; the server retrieves all .html files located in the /elements folder.

When ready, click the “Create block” button to add the block to Pagestead. When adding a new block, Pagestead will automatically generate a thumbnail for this new block.

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  1. Hi Rob,
    This feature is available from 1.0.5 onwards (we’re slightly ahead with the documentation). You should have access to rc1 from your Gumroad account. The official 1.0.5 update will go out in the next few days.

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