FTP and sFTP Uploading

End-users can upload their sites to a remote server by either regular FTP or sFTP.

To be able to sFTP, your server will need to have the php-ssh2 PHP module installed. If this module is not present on the server, the SFTP option will be automatically hidden.

To be able to upload via FTP/sFTP, the end-user will first need to provide the connection details in the Site Settings panel (click on the dropdown arrow in the top right corner, then click “Setting Settings”).

Pagestead - Site Settings modal

After providing FTP or sFTP connection details, the end-user can test the details by clicking the button labeled “Test Connection”. Additionally, the end-user can use the “Browse Server” function to locate a specific path on the server.

Please note that when using sFTP, a full path will need to be provided. Without providing a full path, a sFTP connection can not be established.

Once FTP or sFTP details have been provided and saved, the end-user can now proceed to upload their site to the remote server. They do this by clicking the “Upload” button in the toolbar as shown below:

Pagestead - upload site

Clicking this button will reveal a modal window allowing the end-user to choose which pages to upload to the remote server:

Pagestead - upload to server

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