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Pagestead comes with an easy installation script, saving you from the trouble of having to do everything manual.

You would start by uploading the files to your server/VPS/hosting account. After uploading, make sure you double check that the “.htaccess” files are present in the root folder and the “/elements” folder.

Next, make sure you have an empty MySQL database setup and ready to go on your server/VPS/hosting account.

Open a browser and point the URL to the “/install/” folder of the files you have just uploaded. This will bring up the installation window; here you will need to enter a number of details to complete the installation process.

Pagestead will attempt to install on the non-www version of your domain. Due to the nature of the application and the fact it’s possible to for end-users to publish their sites on sub domains of the main domain, using the non-www version of the main domain is a requirement.

The above only applies to the application’s main domain name. End-users who are using custom domain names to publish their sites can use either the www or non-www version of their custom domain name.

Things to check after installing

The first thing you should check are a couple of folder permissions. You’ll need to make sure the following folders are writable by your web server:

  • /images
  • /images/uploads
  • /tmp
  • /tmp/sitethumbs
  • /tmp/thumbs

Make sure you have “.htaccess” files present in your root folder and in your “/elements” folder.

Make sure the ENVIRONMENT variable in “/index.php” is set to “production” and not to “development”.

Make sure you delete the /install folder after completing the installation.

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  1. ezhov.maxim

    If you’re running instance of Pagestead on Windows IIS, make sure, that you converted .htaccess mod_rewrite rules, to avoid assets loading issues.

  2. Remco Vogelpoel

    Is it an idea to add this info as a checklist in the install screen before you do the install?
    Then you are always sure that all files has got the rights they need

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