Managing components through the components panel

Available from version 1.1.0

Administrators can manage the components available in Pagestead through the Components panel, located at Elements > Components (in the main navigation).

Pagestead Components Panel


Component categories

To manage the component categories, click the link labeled “Manage component categories”. This will bring up a modal popup window which allows Administrators to add, edit and delete components.

When deleting a category, it’s possible to re-assign components currently assigned to the category to be deleted to a different category.


Adding components

To add a component, click the green button labeled “+ Add new component”. This will bring up a modal popup window with the following options:

  • Component thumbnail
    This is the component thumbnail shown in the page builder sidebar
  • Component category
    The category to which to new component will be assigned
  • Component markup
    The HTML code for the new component


Editing components

To edit a component, click on the component’s thumbnail. This will bring up a modal window allowing you to edit the component’s details, including it’s HTML code.


Deleting components

To delete a component, open up the component by clicking on it’s thumbnail image. In the modal window, click the link labeled “Delete component”. After a final confirmation, the component will be permanently deleted.

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