Preparing for our free installation service

When purchasing a Professional or Enterprise plan, we offer a complimentary installation service. Once you’ve purchased either one of these plans, you will receive an email with instructions on how to request this service.

Before doing so, you will need to make sure a couple of things are taken care of on your end, things we unfortunately can not provide as part of our installation service:


1 .Server configuration

If you’re choosing Digital Ocean to host Pagestead, which we highly recommend, then you don’t need to worry about setting up your server; our team will take care of it. Simply provide us with access to your Digital Ocean account and we’ll take it from there.

If you’re not using Digital Ocean and are hosting your server with another provider, it will be your responsibility to ensure your server is configured properly and meets the following requirements:

  • LAMP Stack server: Linux/Unix + Apache + MySQL + PHP
  • The Apache web server will need to have the module “mod_rewrite and “mod_headers enabled
  • MySQl should be version 5.5.3 or newer
  • PHP should be version 5.4 or newer
  • PHP should be using the newer MySQLi extension (the older MySQL extension might work but is not supported)
  • PHP CURL, GD and mbstring extensions must be installed
  • The PHP ZipArchive class must be loaded
  • The PHP allow_url_fopen directive must be enabled
  • The PHP module php-ssh2 is needed for sFTP uploading (when not available, the sFTP option will be hidden)
  • Using any sort of server-side caching like Varnish can prevent the application from working properly and is not advised.
  • Using Nginx as a reversed proxy can prevent the application from working properly and is not advised

Please note that, unless you’re using Digital Ocean, properly configuring your server is out of the scope of service we can offer; it is your responsibility to make sure the server is configured properly.


2. Domain name and DNS

Make sure you have a domain name ready for usage. If you’re choosing to use Digital Ocean and our team will setup your server, you will need to provide our team with access to your domain panel so we can create the correct DNS records. If you’re setting up the DNS for usage with Digital Ocean yourself, please pay attention to the following:

  • Do not change the name servers, use the default ones
  • Add a DNS “A” record with value “@” which points to your Digital Ocean server IP address
  • Add a second DNS “A” record with value “*” which also points to your Digital Ocean server ip address

If you’re using another hosting provider, it’s your own responsibility to ensure the domain’s DNS is configured properly and pointing to the server on which you’d like to have Pagestead installed.

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