As off version 1.2.0, Pagestead includes a publicly available RESTful API.



Configuration of the API is done under Settings > Integration. The following settings are available:

  • Activate REST api
    Use this switch to enable/disable the API. When disabled, no API requests can be made.
  • Enable IP white list
    Use this switch to enable/disable IP address based white-listing.
  • IP white list
    When IP based white-listing is enabled, you can use this setting to provide list of IP addresses which should be allowed to make API requests.
  • Public keys
    A list of public keys required to access the API. To be able to make API requests, one of these keys should be included in the request header (with the name “X-API-KEY”).


Accessing the API

To be able to successfully access the API end-points, you will need to pay attention to the following:

  • Authorization (required)
    The Pagestead API uses HTTP Basic Authorization; this essentially means an “Authorization” header is included in the request with includes a base64 encoded string containing the username and password. The provided username and password should correspond to a valid user of your application which has admin rights (only user accounts with ADMIN rights can access the API). Please make sure you’re always using a SSL encrypted connection when using the API!
  • Keys (required)
    In addition to passing along a username and password, your API requests should also include a valid key (as configured in the Public keys item). A valid key should be included in the request header as “X-API-KEY”. Only requests which include a valid key will be processed.
  • IP should be white-listed (optional)
    If you have configured your API to use IP address based white-listing, you will need to make sure the IP address you’re making API calls from is included in the IP white-list section.


Available end-points

Currently, the following end-points are available:

  • /api/users/
  • /api/packages/


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