Server Requirements

To be able to operate Pagestead on your own server, the server will need to meet the following requirements:

  • LAMP Stack server: Linux/Unix + Apache + MySQL + PHP
  • The Apache web server will need to have the module “mod_rewrite” and “mod_headers” enabled
  • Disabling of the mod_security module is advised (when using versions 1.0.6 or below)
  • MySQl should be version 5.5.3 or newer
  • PHP should be version 5.4 or newer (< 7.2)
  • PHP should be using the newer MySQLi extension (the older MySQL extension might work but is not supported)
  • PHP CURL, GD and mbstring extensions must be installed
  • The PHP ZipArchive class and allow_url_fopen directive must be loaded
  • The PHP module php-ssh2 is needed for sFTP uploading (when not available, the sFTP option will be hidden)
  • Using any sort of server-side caching like Varnish can prevent the application from working properly and is not advised.
  • Using Nginx as a reversed proxy can prevent the application from working properly and is not advised.

Hosting types

Although the basic Pagestead functionality will work on cheaper shared hosting, some of the publishing features won’t work properly, particularly publishing on custom domains. Therefor, we advice customers to run Pagestead on either a VPS or a fully dedicated server. To make full use of the publishing functionality, it is important that your server is using a dedicated IP address and not a shared one.


Since Pagestead allows end-users to publish their websites on sub domains of your main application domain, we advice to setup your infrastructure in such a way that allows for automatic SSL for your sub domains. To this end, we recommend hosting your DNS with Cloudflare, since they offer basic SSL for both the main domain name as well as sub domains.

Preferred hosting company

We usually advice Pagestead customers to use Digital Ocean as the hosting provider (please note Pagestead is in no way affiliated to Digital Ocean; we simply think they’re awesome).

Free installation service

If you have purchased the Professional package or the Enterprise package and you’re looking to use our free installation service, we recommend you setup a Digital Ocean droplet with CentOS v7.4 x64 (it’s fine to start with the 2GB config; you can easily upgrade to higher specs later when needed).

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