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Block are sections which are used to compose web pages. Blocks can be headers, hero sections, footers, contact sections, feature sections, etc. Blocks are found in the left sidebar under “Blocks”. When on the canvas, the order of the blocks can be altered by dragging and dropping them in the desired order.


Components are smaller then blocks, and typically consist of one ore several individual HTML elements. A component can be a heading, a paragraph of text, an image, a video, a contact form, a list, etc. Components are located in the left sidebar under “Components”. Once dropped onto the canvas, components can be dragged and dropped around if needed.

(HTML) Elements

(HTML) elements are individual HTML tags. For example: <img>, <h1>, <p>, <a>. HTML elements are used to build both components and blocks.



An end-user is a user who logs into Pagestead and uses it to create and publish web pages.


An administrator is a user who has access to an Pagestead administrator account and who is able to configure the application.

(Membership) packages

Packages are created by an administrator and specify certain usage restrictions (such as a limitation on the number of sites an end-user can create) applied to the end-user who has subscribed to said package. In addition to setting usage restrictions, administrators also set the pricing to be paid by end-users in order to be allowed to use the software.


The canvas is part of Pagestead’s page builder. It is the working area onto which end-users drag and drop blocks and components to compose web pages.

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