How to translate Pagestead

Pagestead is translation ready. What this means is that all text used throughout the application is contained in language files. Language files are located in /application/language/ and the default language is “English” (language files located in /application/language/english/).

If you want to translate the application, you’ll first need to create the required language files. You can do this by simply copying the English language files and place them in the proper directory. For example, if you’re translating the application into Russian, you’ll need to copy the language files to /application/language/russian/.

In addition to translating the regular language files, you will also want to make sure you look through the page builder config file, found at /assets/js/modules/config.js, for text labels you might want to translate.

To activate your new language files, you will need to make two final changes:

  1. Edit the language parameter in the Settings panel and
  2. Edit the application’s main configuration file (/application/config/config.php) and modify the $config[‘language’] variable.

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