Update from v1.0.21 to v1.0.3

To manually update from 1.0.21 to 1.0.3, you will need to update the following files/folders:

README.md - updated
application/helpers/htmlawed_helper.php - added
application/language/english/builderlite_lang.php - updated
application/modules/customdomain/controllers/Customdomain.php - updated
application/modules/sites/models/Pages_model.php - updated
application/modules/sites/views/create.php - updated
application/modules/subdomain/controllers/Subdomain.php - updated
application/modules/subfolder/controllers/Subfolder.php - updated
application/third_party/MX/Loader.php - updated
assets/css/build-builder.css - removed
assets/css/build-builder.min.css - removed
assets/css/build-main.css - removed
assets/css/build-main.min.css - removed
assets/css/load-builder.css - updated
assets/css/medium-bootstrap.css - removed
assets/css/summernote.css - removed
assets/js/builder.js - updated
assets/js/modules/builder.js - updated
assets/js/modules/canvasElement.js - updated
assets/js/modules/components.js - updated
assets/js/modules/config.js - updated
assets/js/modules/styleeditor.js - updated
assets/js/modules/templates.js - updated
assets/js/modules/ui.js - updated
assets/js/modules/utils.js - updated
assets/js/modules/xframednd.js - updated
assets/sass/builder.scss - added
img/icons/[email protected] - added
img/icons/[email protected] - added
config.ini - updated
package.json - updated
webpack.config.js - updated

build/ - everything inside this folder should be replaced

Additionally, after updating the files mentioned above, you will also need to run the Webpack build process to make sure the changes to the front-end are applied or you can simply replace the “/build” folder with the “/build” folder from version 1.0.3.

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