Update from v1.0.4 to v1.0.41

To manually upgrade from v1.0.4 to v1.0.41, please follow the following steps:

  1. /application/config/sbpro.php > replace this file
  2. /application/libraries/Paypal.php > replace this file
  3. /application/modules/autoupdate/controllers/Autoupdate.php > replace this file
  4. /application/modules/package/views/packages.php > replace this file
  5. /application/modules/settings/views/settings.php > replace this file
  6. /application/modules/subscription/controllers/Subscription.php > replace this file
  7. /application/modules/user/controllers/User.php > replace this file
  8. /application/modules/user/models/User_model.php > replace this file
  9. /application/modules/user/views/payment_paypal.php > replace this file
  10. /application/modules/user/views/payment_stripe.php > replace this file

Please note this update is also available via our auto update feature.

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  1. webilicious

    Where do we get the update v1.0.41?
    I did not receive any update notification and also its not in Gumroad!

      1. Hi webilicious,
        I reckon the Gumroad email may have ended up in your SPAM folder, either way the 1.0.4 update is available from within your Gumroad account. If you’re still having issues retrieving the update, please kindly reach out to us using the live chat and we’ll guide you.
        As for the blank screen, we’ll need to have one of our developers look into this. To that end, please create a topic on the forums (https://support.sbpro.io/) and we’ll look into it asap. Thanks!

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