Update from v1.0.4(1/2) to v1.0.5

v1.0.5 is a big update containing a lot of changes. If you’re considering manually updating your copy of Pagestead, we’d suggest setting up a development environment and update there fist. Then run your tests to make sure the application is functioning properly before updating your production version of Pagestead.

Update your files

To manually update from 1.0.4(1/2) to 1.0.5, you will need to update the following files/folders:

.htaccess > replace this file
README.md > replace this file
_htaccess > add this file
config.ini > replace this file
application/config/autoload.php > replace this file
application/config/config_custom.php > add this file
application/config/migration.php > replace this file
application/config/routes.php > replace this file
application/config/routes_custom.php > add this file
application/config/sbpro.php > replace this file
application/config/webpack.php > replace this file
application/helpers/general_helper.php > replace this file
application/helpers/urlcheck_helper.php > add this file
application/language/english/builderlite_lang.php > replace this file
application/language/english/email_lang.php > add this file
application/language/english/form_validation_lang.php > replace this file
application/language/english/ftp_lang.php > add this file
application/language/english/migration_lang.php > add this file
application/language/french/builderlite_lang.php > ?
application/language/french/form_validation_lang.php > ?
application/libraries/Paypal.php > update this file
application/libraries/Screenshot_library.php > add this file
application/libraries/Sftp.php > add this file
application/migrations/001_update_v1_0_4.php > update this file
application/migrations/002_sitespanel.php > remove this file
application/migrations/002_update_v1_0_5.php > add this file
application/migrations/003_imagelocation.php > remove this file
application/migrations/004_imageimprovements.php > remove this file
application/migrations/005_templatethumbs.php > remove this file
application/migrations/006_packageimprovements.php > remove this file
application/modules/asset/controllers/Asset.php > update this file
application/modules/auth/controllers/Auth.php > update this file
application/modules/auth/views/forgot.php > update this file
application/modules/auth/views/login.php > update this file
application/modules/auth/views/payment_confirm.php > update this file
application/modules/auth/views/register.php > update this file
application/modules/auth/views/reset_password.php > update this file
application/modules/autoupdate/controllers/Autoupdate.php > update this file
application/modules/builder_elements/controllers/Builder_elements.php > add this file
application/modules/builder_elements/models/Blocks_model.php > add this file
application/modules/builder_elements/models/Components_model.php > add this file
application/modules/builder_elements/views/blocks.php > add this file
application/modules/builder_elements/views/blockstbody.php > add this file
application/modules/builder_elements/views/components.php > add this file
application/modules/builder_elements/views/componentstbody.php > add this file
application/modules/builder_elements/views/modal_deleteblockcategory.php > add this file
application/modules/builder_elements/views/modal_deletecomcategory.php > add this file
application/modules/builder_elements/views/partial_blockcatdropdown.php > add this file
application/modules/builder_elements/views/partial_blockdetails.php > add this file
application/modules/builder_elements/views/partial_componentdetails.php > add this file
application/modules/codeupdate/controllers/Codeupdate.php > add this file
application/modules/customdomain/controllers/Customdomain.php > update this file
application/modules/home/controllers/Home.php > Update this file
application/modules/migrate/controllers/Migrate.php > update this file
application/modules/package/controllers/Package.php > update this file
application/modules/package/models/Packages_model.php > update this file
application/modules/package/views/package_table.php > update this file
application/modules/package/views/packages.php > update this file
application/modules/sent/views/email_default.php > update this file
application/modules/settings/controllers/Settings.php > update this file
application/modules/settings/views/settings.php > update this file
application/modules/shared/models/Ftp_model.php > update this file
application/modules/shared/views/error.php > update this file
application/modules/shared/views/exportdetails.php > update this file
application/modules/shared/views/ftplist.php > update this file
application/modules/shared/views/header.php > update this file
application/modules/shared/views/info.php > update this file
application/modules/shared/views/modal_sitesettings.php > update this file
application/modules/shared/views/nav.php > update this file
application/modules/shared/views/sitedata.php > update this file
application/modules/shared/views/success.php > update this file
application/modules/sites/controllers/Sites.php > update this file
application/modules/sites/models/Blocks_fav_model.php > add this file
application/modules/sites/models/Frames_model.php > add this file
application/modules/sites/models/Pages_model.php > update this file
application/modules/sites/models/Sites_model.php > update this file
application/modules/sites/views/create.php > update this file
application/modules/sites/views/sites.php > update this file
application/modules/subdomain/controllers/Subdomain.php > update this file
application/modules/subfolder/controllers/Subfolder.php > update this file
application/modules/subscription/controllers/Subscription.php > update this file
application/modules/temple/controllers/Temple.php > update this file
application/modules/user/controllers/User.php > update this file
application/modules/user/models/Users_model.php > update this file
application/modules/user/views/payment_paypal.php > update this file
application/modules/user/views/payment_stripe.php > update this file
application/modules/user/views/user_details_form.php > update this file
application/modules/user/views/user_list.php > update this file
application/modules/user/views/users.php > update this file
application/third_party/MX/Lang.php > update this file
application/third_party/MX/Loader.php > update this file
application/third_party/MX/Modules.php > update this file

build/ > replace entire folder

/* the following is only relevant if you have made changes to the front-end code */
assets/css/style.css > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/elements_enterprise/Parrot/ > replace entire folder (requires rebuild)
assets/elements_enterprise/Yummy/ > replace entire folder (requires rebuild)
assets/elements_enterprise/bundles/ > replace entire folder (requires rebuild)
assets/elements_enterprise/elements.json > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/elements_enterprise/original/ > remove entire folder
assets/elements_enterprise/skeleton.html > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/elements_professional/Yummy/ > replace entire folder (requires rebuild)
assets/elements_professional/bundles/ > replace entire folder (requires rebuild)
assets/elements_professional/elements.json > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/elements_professional/original/ > remove entire folder
assets/elements_professional/skeleton.html > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/elements_starter/Yummy/ > replace entire folder (requires rebuild)
assets/elements_starter/bundles/ > replace entire folder (requires rebuild)
assets/elements_starter/elements.json > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/elements_starter/original/ > remove entire folder
assets/elements_starter/skeleton.html > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/images/component_thumbs/button-huge.png > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/images/component_thumbs/lists-list-single.png > remove this file
assets/images/component_thumbs/media-vimeo.jpg > remove this file
assets/images/component_thumbs/media-youtube.jpg > remove this file
assets/images/component_thumbs/slideshow.png > remove this file
assets/images/thumbs/ > replace entire folder (requires rebuild)
assets/js/autoupdate.js > replace this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/builder.js > replace this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/elements_blocks.js > add this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/elements_components.js > add this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/images.js > replace this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/login.js > replace this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/builder/builder.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/builder/canvasElement.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/builder/components.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/builder/content.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/builder/export.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild) 
assets/js/modules/builder/grid.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/builder/preview.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/builder/revisions.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/builder/styleeditor.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/builder/templates.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/builder/xframednd.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/config.js > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/elements/blockcategories.js > add this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/elements/blocks.js > add this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/elements/componentcategories.js > add this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/elements/components.js > add this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/packages/packages.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/shared/account.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/shared/imageLibrary.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/shared/polyfills.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/shared/sitesettings.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/shared/ui.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/shared/utils.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/sites/publishing.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/sites/sites.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/modules/users/users.js > add this file (previously located at /assets/js/modules/, requires rebuild)
assets/js/packages.js > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/register.js > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/settings.js > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/sites.js > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/users.js > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/vendor/jquery.hoverIntent.js > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/vendor/jquery.hoverIntent.min.js > update this file (requires rebuild)
assets/js/vendor/lazyload.min.js > add this file (requires rebuild)
assets/sass/builder.scss > update this file (required rebuild)

/* end of assets changes */
img/icons/[email protected] > add tihs file
install/assets/install.sql > update this file
install/includes/core_class.php > update this file
install/includes/database_class.php > update this file
install/index.php > update this file
package.json > update this file
webpack.config.js > update this file

Update your database

Pagestead version 1.0.5 includes a number of changes to the main database. In order to implement these changes, please follow the steps outlines below:

  1. Make a full backup for your database
  2. Use a database management tool, like phpMyAdmin or MySQL change the “versions” value/column in your “migrations” table to “1”.
  3. Edit /application/config/migration.php and set “$config[‘migration_enabled’]” to TRUE
  4. Open a browser and navigate to http://[yourdomain.com]/migrate. Replace [yourdomain.com] with your actual domain name.
    The database will now be updated and you will see a confirmation message.
  5. Edit /application/config/migration.php and set “$config[‘migration_enabled’]” to FALSE
  6. All set!

Run the /codeupdate controller

As the final step in this manual update, you will need to run the codeupdate controller. You can do this loading the following URL in your browser: http://[yourdomain]/codeupdate/1.0.5/[package]. Make sure you replace [yourdomain] with your actual domain and [package] with the package you’re on (either “starter”, “professional” or “enterprise”).

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